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Dedicated to Ontario School Boards

OESC’s team of skilled professionals and respected educators provide Ontario School Boards with high quality and cost-effective services that are always delivered with a focus on fiscal responsibility and the success of every student.




439 University Avenue, 18th Floor, Toronto, ON M5G 1Y8


8am – 5pm

The OESC Advantage

Profit is no Motive. As a non-profit organization, we can provide more for less with an eye always on fiduciary responsibility.
Firsthand Knowledge. Our team is a collective of career educators who truly understand the needs and experiences of boards.
Quality Expertise. We've assembled a team of highly skilled and respected educators who have a commitment to excellence.
Broad Connections. We can leverage the best possible solution or candidate for boards by way of our robust networks.
Vested Interest. Our background propels us toward the coal of ensuring the success of every student in Ontario.
Le profit n'est pas un motif. En tant qu'organisme à but non-lucratif, nous pouvons fournir plus pour moins tout en respectant votre responsabilité fiduciaire.
Connaissance de première main. Notre équipe est composée d'éducateurs de carrière qui comprennent très bien les besoins et la réalité des conseils scolaires.
Expertise de qualité. Notre équipe d'éducateurs et d'éducatrices hautement qualifiés et respectés est engagé envers l'excellence.
Réseaux robustes. Nous tirons parti de la meilleure solution, candidat ou candidate possible pour les conseils grâce à nos réseaux robustes.
Intérêt commun. Notre expérience nos propulse vers l'objectif d'assurer la réussite de chaque élève en Ontario.

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Our Centre for Governance Excellence offers trustees a program for professional development.

Director Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal procedure that engages trustees and the director in a collaborative approach.

Compass for Success

A robust data solution backed by IBM and Microsoft technologies. Noted as the most sophisticated education solution in Canada.

Demographic Data Project Support | IMPACT

Identifying and addressing systemic inequity together through data-driven analysis of policies, training, programs, and services.

Executive Recruitment

Selecting a new Director of Education is among the most important decisions a board of trustees can make during its term of office. We can help.

Behaviour Management Systems

A gold standard prevention and accredited training system for teachers and education workers.