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Compass for Success is a collaboration of schoolCompassForSuccess.jpg boards working together to build capacity to use data to improve student achievement. It represents the collective development of technologies within a framework focused on research-driven data to allow teachers, superintendents, directors and principals the ability to see and use the data in a way that will help students succeed.

Recently, Compass for Success has added additional solutions to support teachers, including a comprehensive K-12 Gradebook fully aligned to Growing success. This compliments the highly praised Compass Teacher Portal which is being utilized across thousands of classrooms in Ontario, giving teachers access to all the data they need to inform their practice and help student succeed. Administrators value the new solution launched this year to help deliver timely information directly to their email inbox. Principals and administrators can easily identify students to follow and received updated information automatically, including attendance, achievement, community hours and credit accumulation to name a few data sets. This data is then incorporated into their electronic Board and School Improvement Plans and supports the plan, act, assess model. Compass continues to deliver a comprehensive and all-encompassing solution for teachers, administrators, system leads and senior administrators to support data-driven school improvement using leading edge technology.


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